Social Media Rules

Social Media Regulations


Committee Rules;

Re Misconduct;

Any member or Participant who has brought the game of darts into disrepute by any means written or verbal by action or otherwise may be sanctioned with a suspension and or fine / ban on playing any further darts related activity within league;

Disparaging Comments, [Social Media Sites Etc];

Public Comment of the following nature, May Result in Disciplinary Sanction,

Comments which are offensive, threatening, or abusive in any way,

Comments causing damage to the game, league, or are bringing the game into disrepute, and or unsubstantiated allegations, which question any person or bodies integrity or are disparaging or abusive in any way.

Positive comment, feedback, ideas, etc very welcome at all times, foul language, abuse, mistruths etc, cannot and will not be tolerated in any shape or form going forward, registered player or players found to be involved in any of the above listed, can expect to be dealt with forthwith, and there registration which at start of league was accepted by league Committee, can and may be suspended indefinitely,

Social media sites like Facebook etc can and should be used in a positive way, not as a means to attack and abuse any individual or groups concerned, REMEMBER, Positive comments, feedback, New Ideas, More Than Welcome, The Rest We Can All Do Without.

Duleek and District Dart League;