Graded players

Graded Players 2023/2024

1. Lantern Bar
Mark Clinton - D Doyle - Richie Timmons - S Andrews:

2. Tollstone
Keith Rooney - Tony Carter - Damian Geraghty - Steven Murtagh:

3. Nannys
Gary Flaherty - Keane Barry - James Keogh:

4. Mariner
Gary Philips - Robert Smith - Mark Rowan - A Caldwell:

5. Judge & Jury
Paul Madden - R Donnelly - Andy Reilly - Jimmy Murry - Dylan Powell:

6. Carranstown (B)
Mark Heavey:

7. Foxs
Alan Valentine:

8. Alverno:
Colm Boyle:

9. Ring Commons:
Jonny Byrne - Alan Richards - Killian Mc Cormack - Sean Mc Keown:

Total of 26 Graded Players


1] Graded Players Can Only Be Signed In The Premier Division, After Initial Registration Date.

2] Players who are Un Graded, and then leave that club, May be Re Graded, [E.C.D.F]

3] New players coming into League, who are on Inter County List, and are traveling from outside Pub area, May be Graded in first year.

4] Committie Reserve The Right,to Add Additional Players To This List if Required During Season.

5] Above List Can And Will Be Reviewed On A Regular Basis, During League.

6] Clubs with players Under Review, who have 4 Graded players already, Are Not Permitted to Sign any more Graded players, Until Review Is Completed:[C.D.F]

7] Committee also have list of non - registered players plus list of registered players on review, for further consideration, during season, if required.


In Premier Div, clubs may sign 5 graded / county players, must play equal numbers as opponents, down to minimum of three per game - Further Information see league rule 1B

League Also Have Current List Of Non Registered Graded Players,
And Also A Reserve List Of Names, For Future Consideration During Season: