Duleek & District Dart League Rules

[1]. Premier Division And Division 1, will be 8 @ side 3 x 501 As Selected.
Any other Division's to be decided by committee at time of entry

In Premier and Div 1,Teams can supply first 5 names, then further 3 after short break, In Play Off's First 5 then 4 will apply, [1 year trial]

[1b]. Clubs in Premier Div may have 5 Graded / County Player Max per panel; and can play all 5 as selected; but must play on equal basis as to opponents, down to minimum of 3 per game, [Subject to Current Grading List] [1 Year Trial]

1 Graded Player per team only in Div 1

[1c]. All Competitions within League, away team will throw FIRST AWAY TEAM 1ST IN GAMES. Except in Finals on A Neutral Board, where a Toss Will Apply. Winner Of Toss Goes First.

[2]. All Teams may register 16 players max, All Divisions, plus 4 Extra single Registrations, If Required, before Reg Deadline @ 5euro per player. Subject to committee approval, All players Must be registered and cleared by committee by start of league, Extra registrations must be on single Reg forms, and cannot Be Registered until league has started and cannot play until receiving official clearance from executive committee, Minimum one weeks' notice required. Deadline Mid-January Approx, or as notified by league executive, NOTE: All New Single Registered Players Signed after Team Gradings, Depending on Circumstances May / Will have to Stay in Same or Higher Division, Re Previous Season: Min Time 3 Previous Seasons; [E.C.D.F].

[3]. Match Day Regulations. Board Open, 9. 15, Sharp; Names on Board, 9:30 pm, Sharp. Game starts, No Later Than 9/45. Away team Must Have a Minimum of 15 Minutes Practice time on match board, on their own, Prior to Match Commencing, providing they arrive at venue on time. Teams Arriving late, may forfeit, Practice Time - Match, Pts, Etc.

[3]. [a]. Home team responsible for Provision of Match Card, which MUST be used in all games within League; No player initials or nicknames to be used on card, Full Names Only. Winning team responsible for returning card to league Registrar within 6 days of game, home team if a draw; Failure to do so WILL result in Fine, [1st Offence], and or loss of point[s]. [C.D.F]. In Knock Out Competitions, i.e., Cup, Shield, knock out stages of League, where all of the above is not Properly complied with, team or teams May be eliminated from competition concerned, Failure to sign and fill in card properly, may result in loss of Pts, and or club fines been applied. Committee decision [s] FINAL, No Appeals Allowed.

[3]. [b] Where own pub is not available, home team may depend on circumstances, be allowed to nominate alternative pub to play game, such pubs must be a current member of dart league, Plus, a Minimum of 5 days' notice will be required to league and opposing team involved. C.D.F.

Match Card must be signed by all players, Prior to Each Game Commencing, and by both captains afterwards and must include official result/score of individual game, if not point[s] May be deducted plus fines may be included; (Both Captains responsible) NOTE. In League Qtr, Semi, and Final, First 5 PLAYERS MUST SIGN MATCH CARD PRIOR TO MATCH COMMENCING, then remaining 4 in full - NO EXCEPTIONS.

[4]. Official Match Cards only, automatic 50euro fine for each use of Nonofficial Cards. Where official match is lost or mislaid a replacement may be used providing the following is applied Both clubs must be in agreement, new card must be signed and initialled by both club officials, contain correct scores, result, Etc, and include automatic 50euro fine re same, and must be returned to league registrar within normal 6 days' time limit, only allowed once per club, per season, [C.D.F]

[5]. Games will only be Postponed due to death of registered player, pub being closed, or pub been unavailable, and with the permission of the executive committee. Such fixtures must be played within 6 days of original date, or before next round of league, cup or Shield games, Responsible team may forfeit home advantage, or nominate other registered pub in league for club home game; Clubs / Comm, must be notified well in advance of any changes. Where teams cannot agree on New Date, Venue Etc, Executive Committee Decision will be Final and Binding *No Appeals*.

[6]. Any team failing to fulfil 2 league games will be eliminated from all further league and cup games, To Qualify for Shield /Plate, Competitions, All Teams Concerned must have completed their Full League / cup fixture List of Games, No Exceptions. + 100euro Automatic Fine for any club not notifying league of their intention of not playing a game, A Minimum of 48 hours Notice Required at All Times: E.C.D.F.

[7]. Any team playing an Un-Registered/ Illegal or Unqualified player. Will Forfeit the match, Full Match Pts ETC, (Selectors, player, Captain May Also be suspended Plus Club Fine May be Applied. [E.C.D.F]

[7] a. Any team lodging an objection Re Match Results, Etc, must do so within 5 days of match, to League Registrar, Only, together with 50euro fee, [Refundable If Successful] [Registered Post Only]

[7] b. Anyone wishing to Lodge an Appeal to a decision taken by the League Committee, must do so within 7 days of Notice of Decisions Taken, and include 50euro Fee, to league Registrar, Only: (Refundable if successful) [Registered Post Only]

[7C] Any Appeals to original League committee decision[s], will be heard by Executive Committee ONLY. Minimum of 5 and max of 7 members, two of whom were not involved in original decision. Must include Chairman and Vice Chairman. These decisions will be FINAL And Binding, and no further correspondence, legal or otherwise, will be entered into, under any circumstances. No Legal Representation of any kind accepted within league, any objections, appeals, etc, received In a legal format, Will Be Automatically Deemed Ineligible.

[8]. Butt 7-9 1/4 on a raised Ockey, [Min 1inch High, and 30inches Long,] Dart board, Surround, must be in 1st class condition, where official written complaints are received by league, re same, Fines will be applied. Marking Board, And Names Board, must be in front of players; In All Competitions Only Winmau Blade, Unicorn Eclipse Pro and Target Boards, MAY Be Used.

[9]. 2pts win,1 pt. draw

[10]. All league games In All Two Divisions will now be on Friday Nights. [Subject at all times, To Entries and Grading Committee Final Decisions] Cup And Shield games may vary, i.e., Monday / Thursday / Sat, Nights, may also be used.

[11]. Promotion and relegation system applies to all divisions. Divisional Team Winners, Plus Players, shall be Promoted, Runners Up also Liable for Promotion. Bottom Team May Also Be Relegated, Depending on Circumstances, Each Season. [E.C.D.F].

[12]. No Team / Player(s) may play in lower div than previous year except those relegated or granted permission by Grading Committee, Players seeking to go down more than 1 Div per season, must get approval from Grading Committee to do so, Before Season Starts. May move within club teams, But also with committee approval only. All Above Must be cleared by Grading Committee before playing in league. E.C.D.F

[13]. Only registered player(s) allowed to play in all competitions run by the league, [E.C.D.F.

[14]. Prem DIV Teams, allowed 5 graded players per panel, play; all 5 to play as selected - See Rule 1B Above. (Div.], Allowed 1 Graded Player Only, (1 international or 1 professional [per panel), This rule applies to all competitions in league. No Graded Players allowed sign outside of premier division after official registration [E.C.D.F]

[15]. In General, All Players Playing in League Must Be 18 Years of Age or Over, Proof of age may be required, But Two 15/16/17-Year-Old May be Signed by Each Club, Shall Be Eligible to play in Singles and Doubles Competitions, and May be used in league competitions, but only with direct approval of Publican Involved, Permission Must be sought prior to travelling to Away Game. Teams found to be abusing this rule, may forfeit Point[s] concerned, and be Fined. Must also be clearly identified on Reg form, and match card also if playing.

[16]. Teams short on players must make opposition Aware Prior To Team Selection and start of Actual Match, Teams found breaking this rule, May be Fined Min 25euro, and or have Pts deducted Etc.

[17]. Home and Away Teams must provide Copy of registered players on night of game, if requested to do so, failure to do so may result in club fine, and or loss of pts, [E.C.D.F. Where applicable Graded players List And, Copy of league rules should also be on display in pub.

[18]. Any player(s) signing more than 1 registration form will be suspended from playing in the league, until appearing before the committee and personally declaring which team he wants to play for.

[19]. Entry fee: 300euro (1 Team) 500euro (2 teams) 600euro (3 Teams) [Reviewed Each Year].

[20]. In order to eliminate unnecessary play-offs teams who have qualified but finish level on points will be separated by a countback system. IE, Head-to-Head, Then Team Scores, Etc. All Final Positions decided on countback, No Play Offs Used - [E.C.D.F].

[21]. All rule changes at AGM will require a 2/3 Rds. Majority, except where committee May receive and accept a motion, on a one-year trial basis, that May only require a majority vote. E.C.D.F.

[22]. Committee may run various Single/Doubles Comps during league. In DBLS partners must be from same club,1 graded player per pair allowed. All Prize Money must be collected by winner [s] ONLY, on night of competition, some prize money payable Before Semi Finals to those who request it. DEADLINE For Registration will be 1.30, P.M, with competitions starting at 2pm. PM Sharp, Unless otherwise advised by committee. Any Active Committee Member May be allowed play in these competitions, [E.C.D.F]

[23]. Cup Games; 8 @ side1x1001 - 4 Doubles,1x601, 8 singles 1x501; 4 Graded Players allowed in Premier Cup, 1 in Div 1 Cup. Names Drawn and Away team will throw first, In Both Competitions.

[24]. ALL Perpetual Trophies Presented to clubs must be returned to league in same condition as received, or clubs concerned, will be held responsible, for replacing same, at present day values. and must be returned to league within agreed time limits, or club concerned May be fined, Minimum of 100euro. C.D.F.

[25]. Where a score is finished, as called in line with score on board, then result will stand, Where error is made by caller/marker, and not noticed before player throws, if finished game will stand, Once darts are thrown, score must stand.

[26]. First team allowed to use Maximum Of 2 [B] team Players, only; Per Game If Required. Maximum of 6 times per Player, before players are Re Graded as 1st team players. Includes League Cup Shield Games, Players MUST be identified on match card as Registered [B] Team players. Teams Found Using More than the Allowed Amount WILL Lose Pts Game Etc. Suspension of Club Captain, Plus Club Fines, May Also Apply. [E.C.D.F.] Players Can Only Play for One Club Team on Same Night.

[27]. Players registered with 1st teams, who haven't played with that team, may apply to be re graded down to 2nd team, re: grading fee of 20euro will apply to all such cases. All applications may be sent by E/Mail to league Sec, Committee decision will be final and binding, No Appeals Allowed.

[28]. At A.G.M, All PAID, Registered Clubs, Plus All Committee Members, shall have 1 vote Each, New clubs, all allowed to attend, No Vote on Night.

[29]. At All League Play Off Games, i.e., Qtr., Semi, Finals, Independent League Officials MAY attend To make sure all league rules and regulations are fully complied with.

[30]. All Results must be Text - Called in to Lge PRO, Within 1 hour of match finishing, Otherwise, club responsible, will be fined, 20euro, Each Offence, Winning Team Responsible, Home Team if a Draw = All outstanding fines Must be Paid in full prior to start of league, deadline, Registration Night, Or club concerned will not be accepted into league, [All Such Fines donated to local charities] Any challenge to these fines Must be done within 1 week of actual game been played.

[31]. All clubs in league Must have, Minimum of two reliable E/MAIL Address.

[32]. One transfer per club allowed, 20euro Transfer Fee, providing player has not played more than 3 league games, at Time, may have to stay in Same or Higher Division, [E.C.D.F]. Will need club and committee approval for same before playing. Executive Committee decisions re same are final. All decisions on Transfer applications will be made during, Christmas league break Only

[33]. All Graded Players Must Play a Minimum of 3 League Games to be eligible to Play in Singles and Doubles Competitions, and play offs in league, Cup or Shield Finals. Including quarter and semi finals.
Clubs Own Responsibility to Check Same at Time Required. Graded Players may only be signed in Premier Division after Initial Registration Night; [E.C.D.F.] Players on Graded Review list cannot play below Div 1 League.

[34]. Full Treasurers Report will be Read Out on AGM Night, including income and expenditure statements, any questions arising from report answered on night, or at following Committee Meetings.

[35] Club or teams who are eliminated or withdraw from league, Will have to pay Minimum guarantee Bond of 100euro each to league, following season, Bond may be held for 3 years. No Refund of Entry Fees, Etc. - [E.C.D.F.]

[36]. Shield Competition's will be 7 @ side, 3x 301 D/S - D/F - Names Drawn.

[37]. Dress Code, All Teams Must Wear Matching Team Shirts, with Team Name Plus Darts Logo
No Coats / Jackets, Jumpers, Etc, may be worn, while playing game. No Headgear shall be worn while playing game, without prior permission of league executive committee, [ Min 7 days Notice Required].
No exceptions, Any Team members that do not follow will be fined for each offence recorded.

[38]. Any Team's Found to have broken any of the above Rules, Will Lose Pts, Game, Match, Etc, No Exceptions Allowed. E.C.D.F.

[39]. All League Prize Money, to be collected on Night of Divisional League Finals, Including, Winners, R/Up - 3rd and 4th if applicable, If not collected it May be Allowed for in following years team account.

[40]. Team that Tops Division May Host League Final; providing they have Suitable Neutral Lounge Area Available, must have full committee approval re same, Same applies in Cup Final, May be home venue if required, C.D.F. Otherwise, A Neutral Venue Will Be Provided.

[41]. Match Board, Surrounds, Lights etc, new surround lights may be used, subject to committee approval. May Be Checked Prior To League Starting, Where pool tables, etc, are in same area or in close proximity, to dart board, such tables, Must Close Down, While Darts Competition Game, Is in Progress. This Is a Condition of Acceptance of Team Entry, Committee decisions on all of the above shall be final and binding, Including Fines, Loss of Pts. ETC.

[42]. Where there are issues of discipline etc, and where clubs or individuals, wish to make a complaint against another club/ player, committee member, etc, such complaint must be made in writing and signed Posted to league registrar / league Sec, for committee consideration, However League Committee reserve the right to investigate where necessary, and impose sanctions, suspensions, etc where req.

[43]. ALL Executive Committee Decisions Are Final and Binding. Executive Committee Reserve the Right to Modify, Clarify, Any Above Rule If Deemed Necessary, During Course of Season.